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Warehouse shelves quality identification method Overview
Currently, the market sold a lot of shelves, as the industry myself, of course, know how to judge the quality of the shelves, but most customers do not understand the quality of how to determine the shelf, following on the warehouse shelves heavy shelf illustrate:
1, look at the shelf material. Heavy-duty shelves are basically made of cold-rolled steel production mainly, but few really achieve the national standard, mainly for the majority of customer price sensitivity is high. In fact, the simplest way is in accordance with the prior agreement of the load-bearing shelves, do a load test. For example, the prior agreement of the three shelves, each bearing is 2000kg, then each sample to make the first, and then to the same place, each in accordance with the agreement put 2000kg cargo, quiet place for a few days to observe the shelves are deformed . Finally, when mass production, to acceptance in accordance with the sample on it.
2, look at the shelf structure. Observation assembled sample shelf bending, connections and other places is uniform, no obvious gap.
3, see the shelf surface. Observation assembled sample shelf, surface spray is uniform and strong adhesion, observe various places throughout the shelf, especially if there are holes where there are cases of missing spray.

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