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Shelf basic knowledge and the role of what?
For shelf word, I believe should not people do not know it. Now on to the shelves in the daily life of the application, everyone will certainly have contact shelf, walking in the streets casual look can see the presence of a shop shelf. And after so many years of development, both in the number of shelves or in kind have a leap of progress.
Shelves now appearing on the market in the material is varied, it can adapt to a lot of industries do not need. The application form is not the same, there are shops which often also have warehouse and so on. The general shelf, what kind of role?
1. The fundamental role
This is obvious, since it is known as shelf must be used to store goods Well, this is the easiest literally mean. Shelf presence for many industries are of great significance, but also has a huge role in promoting. For example, for logistics, warehousing and other industries, there is a shelf of them on the road to development a big step forward.
2. Management
The presence of shelves for goods management is a big positive, it is one of the important conditions for modern management of goods, for every industry has a positive role in promoting all of.
3. Automation
At this everywhere we pursue automation, intelligent era, shelf using science and technology to achieve significant penetration of the medium. The current market, there are many new high-tech shelves can basically achieve mechanization and automation of the management of the warehouse, so that the storage industry has been a qualitative development.
The above three points is the shelf presence of the role, the role of the consumer is directed to these points, and these effects are in constant development with the. I believe in the near future, the various sectors of goods can be achieved through automated management shelves.

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