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Steel tray advantages
Steel tray is the trend of the world's logistics flow appliance popular development environment in line with international demand for recycling, steel tray with respect to the wooden pallets and plastic pallets, environmentally friendly, recyclable, solid structure and other characteristics of Excellence.
Mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage and cargo transport, turnover and other ultra-light metal tray series. Container, stacking, handling and transportation of the place as a horizontal platform device unit load. Storage is now one of the important industrial and transport auxiliary equipment.
The main material for steel or galvanized steel, by forming special equipment, various profiles support each other, rivet connection and reinforcement, and then the CO2 gas shielded welding together.
Steel tray is a container unit tool mechanized loading and unloading, handling and stockpiling of goods for the basic structure consists of a single layer of plated pads or stringer, legs and so composed, the minimum height of the tray to be able to facilitate the use of a forklift or pallet truck principle;
Coefficient of friction when used on a large shelf, easy to slide under the load state, the use of safe and reliable; steel is good, carrying capacity, durable, long life;
Steel tray, single-sided steel tray, steel tray on both sides, both sides of the steel tray into the fork, surrounded by steel tray into the fork panel without gaps steel pallets, steel pallets slats.

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