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On the applicability of different shelves
1) high shelves: having assembled a good, large carrying capacity and stability and other characteristics. Shelf timber using hot and cold steel.
    2) Rack Corridor: In order to store large quantities of similar goods designed tray. Tray one by one according to the depth direction stored in the support rail, increasing the storage density, improved space utilization. This shelf is usually used in expensive storage space applications, such as cold storage and so on. Rack Corridor has four basic components parts: frame, rail support, pallet trolley rails and ramp and the like. This shelf storage utilization can be achieved FIFO, or advanced after the out. Suitable for storing large quantities and less variety of goods, batch job. The smallest available space to provide maximum storage capacity. Its application in large quantities and less variety of goods storage operations. Forklift directly into the cargo access road within the cargo, the job is extremely convenient. Machinery and equipment needs: anti-balance forklift truck or stacker shelf features: Suitable for low traffic inventory of storage; offers 20% -30% of the optional; a lower rate of warehouse for pickup. Ground use rate: 60% higher (to be calculated according to the above design)
   3) beam shelves: the most popular and most economical form of a shelf, safe and convenient for all kinds of storage, direct access to the goods. Is the simplest and most widely used of the shelf. You can fully utilize the space. Tray convenient access, efficient loading and unloading with forklifts, greatly improve operational efficiency. Equipment requirements: Anti-balance forklift truck or stacker. Stacker can improve floor space utilization 30%, operating height of 16 meters; beam Rack features: smooth inventory turnover. It provides the ability to choose one hundred percent. Raise the average rate of the goods. Provide high-quality products protection. Ground utilization: 31%, low (to be calculated according to the above design)

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