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Foreign logistics shelf mode
The rapid development of logistics to make advanced logistics equipment has been applied, but the overall point of view on the development of China's logistics equipment does not meet the requirements of the new century, a new logistics tasks, in the context of accession to the WTO, foreign industry on the shelves of the shelf Industry challenge does not lie in the logistics industry shelf basic level, but that the Fourth.
China is still in the initial stage of development of logistics equipment, both the lack of industry standards, and no industry organizations, resulting in a variety of logistics equipment standards are not unified, interrelated matching difference from the planned economy era of reform and opening up to, my hardware for logistics, warehousing put the basic building shelves is very large, after shelf of foreign logistics industry into China in a short time it is difficult to achieve in terms of infrastructure with respect to the absolute superiority of the domestic logistics industry shelf, and these foreign companies are unwilling to do so they strategically first thing to consider is how the capital, talent advantage to integrate existing logistics shelf companies and logistics resources.
As a result, fourth party logistics business model to become a huge foreign profit point, for which they can be even without acquisitions international technology and industry standards, senior management personnel team to integrate the domestic logistics industry shelf to the most inexpensive way to make existing domestic logistics enterprises become their shelf small attendant or a small staff.

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