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Book shelves species
1, light-shelf
Usually cold-rolled steel, metal forming, easy removal, can be flexibly combined. Transformational strong, to meet customer requirements increase or decrease the number of layers in place to achieve the best results. Shelf height can be adjusted up and down.
2, in the amount of shelf A
The shelf assembly, disassembly easy, elegant appearance for manual storage of goods, the carrying capacity is generally 200 ~ 350kg each, meet the needs of most customers, laminates can be adjusted up and down.
3, in the amount of B-shelf
The shelf is also applicable to human access to goods, with respect to the A-type shelf, because the width direction of the laminate instead laying, thereby greatly enhancing the capacity, widely used in various industries, low cost, safe, reliable, easy assembly disassembly, can be used alone, can also be connected to a variety of free-row arrangement, each carrying capacity in about 800kg, each layer can be adjusted up and down to achieve
4, beam shelves
Rack beams is the most common kind of shelf, to provide 100% accessibility, and has good access efficiency. But this low-density shelf access, need more roadway, usually 3 to 5 layers, shelf height limit is generally 10 meters for general forklift access, the combination can be adjusted, simple security, economic cost , the order of items out of storage without limit. In accordance with the shelf access aisle width can be divided into traditional roadway, narrow track Roadway (need to meet the appropriate type forklift)
a. meet the greater demand for carrying a maximum height of up to 16 meters.
b. 75 to adjust the position of the beam pitch, and better meet the requirements of warehousing goods.
c. If any parts damaged in use, can easily be replaced.
d. shelf surface treated with high corrosion resistance.
e. You can choose richer parts and safety accessories.
f. assembled shelf structure, easy to install, quick.
g. component parts using high-quality materials, welding firm, tight installation.
h. a sound system accessories for a variety of special requirements.

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