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Advantages and disadvantages of various large shelves
1, into the shelves.
Advantages: into the shelves is currently the most widely used intensive storage shelves, its the most cost, simple structure, low maintenance costs, and can achieve a high savings rate, widely used in beverage, tobacco and other industries.
Cons: into the shelves due to lack of cross-training component structure, leading to its structural stability is difficult to control. General height of not more than 10 meters, or otherwise significant increase in production costs, or can not meet the daily requirements for safe use. This type of shelf requires precise calculations and reasonable selection, in order to ensure the safety of the shelf.
2, pressure-in shelves
Advantages: Push-shelf access rail freight truck only in the lower end of the job, without entering the cargo shelf storage channel, so that the access speed is higher than the Drive-in shelves. The properties make it suitable for use as a transit warehouse staging area, it is also ideal for warehouse space is limited, but want to achieve the storage-intensive customers in a small area, which is typically disposed within the warehouse wall arrangement making 3 ~ 4 bits deep. Pressure-in shelves structural stability, and low truck operator requirements, to reduce the probability of erroneous hit shelves.
Cons: pressure-in shelves need to carry cargo pallet trolley, which trolley between the different levels involved, with the issues between the car and the guide rail and the rail and between shelves, storage greater depth, the greater the difficulty of design, production to shelf high precision, high cost, and limited by the structural characteristics of the shelf, the depth of the cargo is generally not more than 5, the lower rate of the column is stored in case of intensive warehouse shelves.

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