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Stackable Plastic Storage Bin

TOP-NOTCH is one of the leading stackable plastic storage bin manufacturer and supplier in China, welcome to wholesale stackable plastic storage bin from our factory.
stackable plastic storage bin :
1.Bran-new PP material, non-toxic
2.Resistant to acid, alkali and any solvents under 55°c
3.Good moisture proof performance,bibulous rate is less than 0.01%
4.Smooth surface,easy to clean
5.Saving  pace,the parts box can be used alone or combination according to need
6.Four color swatches,indicate the drawer inside the store items, easy to color management
stackable plastic storage bin Description
1.These plastic storage bin are widely used in the automobiles, home appliances, commercial circulation, distribution and storage areas.
2.With the most convenient shelf to use, it enables cargo turnover convenient, neatly stacked, easy to manage.
3.Reasonable design, excellent quality,suitable for enterprise logistics of transportation, storage, distribution and processing distribution system.
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